Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do destination weddings?

Yes I do. The way destination weddings work is simple. The basic essentials such as: Flight, Hotel, and Food must be provided by client in addition to the wedding package investment. Booking at least 3 months in advance will save on the additional costs depending on the time of year. Average additional cost for flight, hotel, and food would be $799, and Wedding packages start at $1599. Destination Wedding investments start at $2398. If you book ILP (Infinite Loop Photography) through me, the same principle applies.  


Do you offer Prints? USB? Albums? DVDs?

Prints, USBs, and Albums are the best things to produce after our session(s) in my opinion. I get to sit down and put together a custom design that properly displays your best moments. A couple of days after our session we will sit down and go through many print, dvd, and album options such as: sizes, fabrics, and color. When your 100% satisfied, we will sit down and pick photos to put in your album, on your dvd label/cover, and or to be printed. USBs are one standard cost and is highly recommended to include in your package. Each USB will include all the high-res images and featured film(s) (if included). 


How do we book you?

To secure your session with me, whether its an event, portrait session, or wedding, contact me and share with me what your looking for via my "contact me" tab. The date, time, location, and the nature of the shoot will be needed to properly generate a quote. Once we get all the details, a 25% deposit is required to completely secure your event date.   


Do you edit all the images?

Depending on the event I take between 400-3500 images. Events and portrait session I average around 300-600 images, weddings I average around 2500-3500 images, depending on the duration of the wedding. It is impossible nor is it advised to "edit" each image. There is a method I use that streamlines my workspace. After I pick the photos that best represents your event, I process each photo, then retouch. Processing each photo will ensure that each photo will be consistent in lighting, color, and cropped (if needed). I retouch all images that go into an album. I DO NOT alter images in photoshop. Every image you get from me will be YOU, NOT your DREAM YOU. Asking me to make you slim around certain areas, or enlarging certain areas, is something I don't do. What I do is soften wrinkles, remove blemishes, and remove objects that are not supposed to be in the image.    


When will I receive my package?

I've made it my mission to get you your images & films to you in the least amount of time. Event's and Portrait sessions your images will be on my online gallery in 3 days time. Weddings, your images will be available between 1-2 weeks. Films take longer, it's more of a cut and sew process versus images. Films will be available between 2-4 weeks. 


Is there a perfect time of day to take photos?

Indeed, we photog's call it the golden hour. The 1-2 hours before the sun sets is the best time to shoot. You get a more warm, glowing light during this time. Daytime photos is the more popular time to take photos, working with available natural light brings a more vibrant feel naturally that most people gravitate to. Night photography and or low light conditions will need artificial lights and flashes in order to capture your moments, and ensure our services


Do I need to sign a contract? 

I do request that all clients to sign a contract with Tito Kirindongo Photography. 


What types of payments do you accept?

Cashier's checks preferred, but personal checks are accepted as well. Checks that do not clear for whatever reason, client's will be subject to a $35.00 penalty fee. 


Can you make the weather cooperate?

Unfortunately, I cannot control mother nature. However, if weather conditions are not favorable, we will reschedule our session. Since we cannot change the date of a wedding, we can however reschedule the portrait sessions of your wedding such as: The getting ready shots, ring shots, and formal/informal portraits of bride & groom. Usually the venue of your choice will accommodate for weather conditions to a more sheltered area for your ceremony, if the weather isn't acceptable.